CashCrunch Careers Review Update

Recently I reviewed CashCrunch Careers, a website that collects personality traits from a survey that you take and gives you a list of suggested careers based on the results.

I received an email today explaining some changes on the site with a suggestion that I log in to see my updated career report.

Below, with the large black letters, is the original report. The large blue letters is the new report.

I’m happy that the site has been changed to give more specific career suggestions. I don’t understand how many of these results fit though. Mine and my son’s (J) contain some suggestions that fit what I can imagine us being good at. My daughter’s (M) is interesting, I’m most confused about her results, though my husband’s is just as off base but in a funny sort of way. Overall, these new reports are different than any other career tests we’ve used, but they do give us some new things to consider.

Looking over the suggested careers, I do have to consider thoughts such as, “I would NEVER do that” vs. “I wouldn’t do that but I do realize I would be good at it.” And that is where career placement tests come in handy. They give you a list of careers to look at and ponder, “I didn’t think of that one, perhaps I should look into it.” This is exactly the reason we use these sorts of tests for our teens. So while I don’t understand how most of these careers fit with our survey results, they do give a list of more specific suggestions, which is what we were hoping for. I will keep these new reports on hand as my children continue to pick elective courses and activities to choose what career path they would like to pursue. Hopefully, these lists will at least encourage them to branch out of their typical interests.

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