Good, Better, Best

I’ve had a little thought in the back of my head for many months now. I’ve felt I need to simplify and refocus. For school this year, we adjusted some curriculum which has helped a lot. I’ve also been focusing more on my kids and family. With the announcements in General Conference this year about the new curriculum being home centered and church supported, I’ve felt that my family needs to be the center of my focus more than ever before. The videos and links below are things I’ve been studying as I choose how I want to spend my time going forward.

The biggest change you’ll see on this blog is less reviews. We have decided to quit participating in the Homeschool Review Crew. Part of participating in the crew is wading through the good and better curriculum, and even some not so good stuff, to review the best. We’ve decided it’s not worth the extra time it takes to find a few new things we love. Most of the curriculum we use is from other sources, so what is best for us we obtain elsewhere.

Take a minute to watch the videos below, and read the articles at the links too. Then pray for help to decide what is best in your life and what to set aside.

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