Weekly Recap: with the 3rd grade math BatuLandak.id

I’ve been trying to stay caught up here, but always, always… it’s two weeks later when I’m sure it’s only been 4 days since I last posted!

History: Continuing to learn about WWI. We learned about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which started the war. We also learned about the Russian Revolution.

Literature: The two youngest are still learning about fairy tales and many literary elements found in them.

Science: Working on Kingdoms and Classification from The Good and the Beautiful. We have had lessons on cells, microscopes, archaebacteria, eubacteria, and the protista kingdom. We scooped some water from the creek out back and looked at it under the microscope. Neat!!

Geography: Another great lesson about mathematical geography and how satellites help. But then we had to stop the lessons. The next lesson is incomplete, all the image links are broken. It’s supposed to be fixed in two days, but it’s been nine and it’s still not ready. We’re hoping it’s fixed soon because it messes up our schedule a lot to have to skip geography each week.

Art: We did another picture study on the work of Mary Cassatt.

Math: N has finished Saxon 2! She started Saxon 3 the next day. She was so excited.

Music: I won this book! These are wonderful books to help kids learn about classical music. It encourages them to listen for certain things in the music, gives them something to color while listening, and teaches a little about the composer and piece. Check them out on Amazon or here for digital copies. (P.S. – It says it’s for pianists, but I think it makes a great music curriculum too. It’s very similar to other popular ones I’ve seen, but so much more affordable!)

In other news:

E got to sing in the choir at the tabernacle for Stake Conference (an area meeting for our church.) I bought her a new skirt for the event, since she usually only has hand-me-downs.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary. We went to dinner at the local Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. M and J made a “breakfast trifle” for the family.

M made a cake to celebrate Google’s 20th birthday. I had a couple of bites, but that’s all I can bring myself to eat.

J and E have been enjoying fishing club. This week E caught an 11 7/8″ rainbow trout! Not bad for a city pond that has farm raised fish.

M made rolls for a Relief Society lesson (the ladies class at church.) She made 8 dozen, but about two dozen were for us. This helped her finish her last Value Project!

Hmmm… that was a lot about food! Maybe we’ll have other topics next week.
Have a great week!


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